Jewellery Care

There are certain points which you can follow

1) Keep your Jewellery in a clean, dry, and airtight box preferably a plastic box.
2) Avoid contact with perfumes, sprays, chemicals, and water.
3) Protect your Jewellery from Sharp Blows, scratches, and extreme temperatures.
4) wipe it using a soft cloth regularly.



  1. Is there a warranty on the product?
    There is no warranty as such, but plating won’t come off for 2-3 years. Need to keep jewelry in an airtight pouch or a plastic box, and make sure it doesn't come in contact with humidity, and perfumes.  
  1. What are the materials used (Metal, stones, coating, etc.)?
    Most of the products are made from zinc alloy (Zinc + Cadmium), brass, and copper alloy. CZ rings are of brass alloy. Stones and Kundan used are of superior quality, in zinc-based products, Kundan used are plastic. In CZ rings, the American Diamond stones used are of AAA quality. Stones used in all the products are glass stones and not resins (cheaper substitutes). Finishing is in gold plating - a bit of gold is used for color and copper and nickel are used in plating. Pearls used in all the products are glass pearls and not plastic ones.
  1. What is the wear-off time of finishing?
    At least 2-3 years. And it can vary depending on your jewellery care. 
  1. What kind of packing will your shipment include?
    We will be using a few big plastic boxes, one box will contain around 25 jewelry pieces, properly bubble wrapped and those plastic boxes will go in a corrugated box and then it will be shipped. We will also be giving you extra stones and Kundan and pearls and glue, if a stone or Kundan has fallen, you can stick it.
  1. How to place an order?
    You can place an order by adding products to the cart & make payment through your convenient mode at checkout.
  1. How long will it take to deliver an order?
    Ships within 2 working days from the facility & takes approximately 4-5 days for the delivery depending on the delivery location. 
  1. Do you ship all over UAE?
    Yes, we serve through all Emirates!